Catalog Content Creation

Take the Hassle Out of Catalog Production

Catalog Content Management Infographic

Let us take over writing product descriptions

Catalog creation can create big headaches — compiling products, organizing an army of freelancers for peak seasons, managing full-time overhead in down times.

Take some of that burden off your shoulders: The experienced product description writing team at RRD Content Source can make your next catalog a breeze. Part of RR Donnelley, RRD Content Source can help improve your time-to-market while minimizing your costs!

Catalog Content Management Questions

Questions to help evaluate
your catalog production:

    • Is your catalog production managed efficiently?
    • Cost-effectively?
    • Successfully structured for those searching online for your products?

Creating start-to-finish catalog content

Our catalog content creation solution can include:

    • An assigned catalog copywriter in-studio for firsthand descriptions of products
    • Photos and firsthand descriptions uploaded into our content management system
    • Distribution to a network of catalog copywriters we have preselected and trained on your style and tone
    • Descriptions can be edited and even fact-checked
    • Delivery in either XML format or uploaded directly to your studio production system

Throughput increases when you can put more workers on the project. With RRD Content Source, you are assured a fully managed process, from selection of  the right writers to all payments and 1099s. Make your next catalog the easiest one yet!

Why RRD Content Source catalog content management services?

RR Donnelley is unmatched in experience dealing with multichannel marketers. In addition to writing and managing original content, we offer catalog design and printing. Whether you’re a large or small catalog company, we can increase your return on investment.

With RR Donnelley’s network of long- and short-run print manufacturing locations distributed throughout the United States and internationally, our response to your print catalog needs is unparalleled.

Count on RRD Content Source catalog copywriters and web copywriters to create compelling content for your catalog. Take advantage of a distributed workforce vetted and trained on your style to produce product descriptions in record time and at a cost savings.

Learn more about the comprehensive suite of services from RRD Content Source:

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